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The view of northwestern Sudan from the International Space Station, which operates in low Earth orbit.

The view of northwestern Sudan from the Worldwide House Station, which operates in low Earth orbit.
Photograph: POT

The place we name house formally begins about 60 miles (100 kilometers) above the floor, a boundary generally known as the Kármán line. However that is not a possible altitude for the orbit, on account of atmospheric drag. To succeed in orbit, an object should ascend to altitudes from about 100 miles (160 km) above the floor. That is the bottom attainable restrict of Low Earth Orbit, or LEO, which extends to a most altitude of about 1,200 miles (2,000 km), NASA reported. He says.

Satellites should preserve an orbital velocity of round 4.9 miles per second (7.8 km per second) to remain in low Earth orbit. At this velocity, it takes about 90 minutes for a satellite tv for pc to finish a circle across the Earth. The Hubble House Telescope, which orbits LEO at an altitude of roughly 332 miles (543 km) and travels at speeds of as much as 17,400 miles per hour (28,000 km/h), completes virtually 15 revolutions of the Earth every day.

Graphic showing the location of low Earth orbit (in pink).

Graphic displaying the placement of low Earth orbit (in pink).
Graphic: ESA–L. Boldt-Christmas

LEO is a workhorse orbit inside which the overwhelming majority of our satellites are discovered. As of April 30, 2022, some 4,700 operational satellites are in LEO, based on to the UCS satellite tv for pc database (the precise quantity is now a lot larger, given the fast tempo at which SpaceX is launching its Starlink satellites). Low Earth orbit is beneficial as a result of it’s so shut, permitting for, for instance, low-cost launches into house, Earth remark satellites to take high-resolution pictures of the floor, low-power amplifiers for knowledge transmission and fast and easy accessibility to house stations (enjoyable truth: no human has traveled past LEO for the reason that Apollo period). Additionally, the aircraft of low Earth orbits might be tilted, offering many out there orbital paths for satellites.

That stated, velocity poses an issue for communication and navigation satellites, because it’s difficult for floor stations to trace objects shifting in LEO. Satellite tv for pc constellations are an environment friendly however costly resolution, as a number of satellites work collectively to create a digital community across the planet. Starlink is an effective instance: a mega constellation at the moment consists of three,182 operational satellites that present web protection all over the world. the Iridium satellite tv for pc constellation it additionally works from LEO, offering voice and knowledge protection to satellite tv for pc telephones and different receivers all over the world.

One other drawback of LEO is that it’s more and more house to many house junk, issues like out of date satellites, worn higher levels, launch pads, slag particles, copper wires, and even paint flecks. Frighteningly, massive swathes of LEO may ultimately grow to be inaccessible if nothing is finished to curb the quantity of particles in LEO.

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